Mizarstvo Bogovič d.o.o. is a family business that was founded in 1995. Initially, the company specialized in the manufacture of solid wood furniture; in 2000, it focused on the production of bed frames, bed systems and the accompanying product line. For twenty years, our company has been combining experience, know-how and state-of-the-art technology, taking special care of our employees and implementing a responsible environmental policy in the field of development and manufacture of bed systems.

By constantly investing in new technologies and promoting the development of new products, the company has become a trustworthy supplier and subcontractor in the European markets and elsewhere.

By emphasising innovativeness and development, we offer our business partners a full service from concept to implementation. The quality of our products is also expressed through quality certificates, whose principles are implemented in each and every product we manufacture.

Our vision includes first-rate sleep systems combining functionality and design and meeting the needs for healthy sleep.

obtained certificates


Free of harmful substances, safe against breakage or reliable electrics – the world-renowned GS mark is a valuable tool used by quality-conscious consumers when choosing products to purchase. The GS Mark was introduced in Germany in 1977 to meet the demands of local labor organizations, insurers and consumer protection organizations. The GS audit consists of verifying that technical work equipment and consumer products comply with all statutory safety and health requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (ProdSG). Although the GS Mark originated in Germany, it is, in fact, accepted in multiple western European countries.
In order for manufacturers to keep the GS mark, the law also demands that certified products be regularly checked to ensure continuous control on production. The GS mark requires a higher level of testing that exceeds the basic requirements for the CE marking.

LGA Tested

"LGA Tested Quality" mark distinguishes first-class products - products that really fulfill their actual purpose. With our LGA-tested products our clients gain a competitive advantage, boost confidence in the quality of our products, it makes it easier for you to decide for our products, gain confidence in terms of product liability. It makes it easier to make proper decisions.